Thursday, 21 April 2011


Heyyy I realise I haven't been on here in a while, so I'm gonna write a few lists, from The things I want, to my  To do list, to the things This blog could include in the future.
These are more of personal online copy's for me as I realise this really isn't very interesting for you, unless you're stalking me, or have a higher than average interest in my life, which I doubt.

To Do - before the end of the holiday - 

  1. Write up chapter summaries for Of Mice and Men
  2. Book Camp Bestival tickets - yes, still
  3. Do 16 criteria sheets notes for science
  4. Research Poverty for Economics
  5. Write 2/3 blog entries
  6. Get all my disposable pictures
  7. Finally get my wall done
  8. Sort out maths
  9. Memorise Spanish speaking fjhsvdhbckueydfgbsc  :'(
  10. Nothing
  11. Sleep
I want/need
  1. Shoes, other than boots or flip flops
  2. A long skirt
  3. A tan
  4. A watch
  5. Skirts 
  6. An 'elegant' (- in my mothers words, aka a long dress that's below my knees) dress
Maybes to blog
  1. Paintings and drawings - Personal
  2. Paintings and drawings (different artists etc) - Educational
  3. Madrid - Social/Personal - a little late I know
  4. Things to do in Summer - Social/Informative
  5. Another random totally pointless discovery/product etc - Informative
  6. A few product reviews - Informative
  7. Maybe some online revision notes for the exams - Educational 

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