Monday, 25 July 2011

So to all you boys out there,

Who choose to shout the latest slang across the street to random girls, you're not getting any. 
She is not your size. Like seriously, mysize? Seriously?!
Nor will she turn around if you shout Oi! for all she know's you could be talking to the dog behind her.

Now man up, and if you like what you see, cross the damn street & talk to the girl properly, noone is going to have a shouting conversation with you across the road.

Rant over.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

So I'm a little late...

But hello,
I'm a little lost for words, maybe I shouldn't be writing this at all but hey ho, its SUMMER.
Which means break out the bikinis, sunny G's and etc.
I've decided to let loose a little, I don't know why this summer, or why now, but all of the sudden all the very cliche sayings 'you only live once' or 'would rather have a life full of 'oh we'lls' rather than 'what ifs'' and etc. suddenly made sense.
Anyway I'll stop blabbing about myself, but I think everyone should, seriously you only live... no I'm not gonna go there, but you should at least watch the film Fight Club, but don't go hitting everyone.

And back to my initial 'post' the idea rant came from flicking through Elle, or any other fashion magazine if you like, kinda like Rolo's which also tied in with this The apprentice episode.
So I was flicking through, reading bits and bobs as you do, (ofc. if your a male this would be a little hard to relate to unless you're into your woman's fashion magazines) and realised there really isn't that much to read..
1/4 pages in the magazine contain more text than a paragraph
1/2 is advertising
which only leaves us with the other quarter for proper text, or articles. Now you might say I'm missing the whole point of a fashion magazine, but like seriously I'm paying £3.80 per issue, (which now shrunk twice in size since last year, as well as risen in price!) I really do wanna get my moneys worth, and not a load of advertising campaigns which are already all over bill boards!
Rant over.

'When your half way through an argument, and your realise that you're wrong' this was one of those, except I was half way through a post, and realised my point wasn't as important as I imagined it to be.

Also, now I don't know how to sign off, since a certain somebody mocked the way I signed off before :(
but oh well, I'm 'letting loose'

That's all for now xo 

P.S. I'm not very sure of what to write here in the future, I'm thinking the next post would be disposable/film camera dedicated one, then maybe making something a bit cheeky/tasty.

Monday, 25 April 2011

A moment of pause

So I'm putting this blog on hold until the end of June.
Too much shit is going on, and I want this to be interesting and fun to read, but for that I need time and inspiration and I haven't got either right now due to many things.
I will be back in June,
Love Sasha

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Heyyy I realise I haven't been on here in a while, so I'm gonna write a few lists, from The things I want, to my  To do list, to the things This blog could include in the future.
These are more of personal online copy's for me as I realise this really isn't very interesting for you, unless you're stalking me, or have a higher than average interest in my life, which I doubt.

To Do - before the end of the holiday - 

  1. Write up chapter summaries for Of Mice and Men
  2. Book Camp Bestival tickets - yes, still
  3. Do 16 criteria sheets notes for science
  4. Research Poverty for Economics
  5. Write 2/3 blog entries
  6. Get all my disposable pictures
  7. Finally get my wall done
  8. Sort out maths
  9. Memorise Spanish speaking fjhsvdhbckueydfgbsc  :'(
  10. Nothing
  11. Sleep
I want/need
  1. Shoes, other than boots or flip flops
  2. A long skirt
  3. A tan
  4. A watch
  5. Skirts 
  6. An 'elegant' (- in my mothers words, aka a long dress that's below my knees) dress
Maybes to blog
  1. Paintings and drawings - Personal
  2. Paintings and drawings (different artists etc) - Educational
  3. Madrid - Social/Personal - a little late I know
  4. Things to do in Summer - Social/Informative
  5. Another random totally pointless discovery/product etc - Informative
  6. A few product reviews - Informative
  7. Maybe some online revision notes for the exams - Educational 

Monday, 18 April 2011


Someone asked me the other day if I regretted anything.
I wish I could say no, but that would be a lie, and I think everyone who says that 'they don't have a single regret in their life' are lying.
I mean its natural, we all make decisions without knowing what the outcome will be, but a little later - we do, we see the consequences, and they're not always positive. So I'm pretty sure that if everyone had the opportunity to see what their decisions would mean a few minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years later, they would change at least one of them.
Now think about it, think of going back in time and replying a little different, not doing that, and doing this.
That's regret, that want to change your decision is regret, I don't see it as a bad thing, I think its something that we would like to adjust in order to get a better outcome.
End of a very first personal post.
That's all xoxo

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bacon Perfume

Yes its another one of those.
Its all America I say, honestly they are obsessed with bacon, bacon milkshake, bacon drink, bacon this, bacon that and now perfume, for  pocket filling $36 which is £23 for the English.
& as a note to the British, please do not take to this after America, K?THNX
If you do fancy attracting a few hungry fellas though, be my guest & do let me know!
Thats all xoxo

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Movie for the Holiday

Well hello,
I hope your start to the holiday has been good! Mine certainly has, with a lovely BBQ to end the term and then Jaisea's 16th house party the following day.
But since it is the holiday and it can get a little boring at times or you just need a break, here's a few movies you could watch to pass the time, some of my favourites.

The Social Network
Tag line: You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.
Budget: $40,000,000
Everyone seems to like this film, so I decided to put it up here so you can watch it and decide for yourselvespersonally I'm not a big fan, its basically how Facebook was invented, & its one of those films that you have to actually concentrate on the stuff they're saying to get it. 
Also major disappointment at Justin Timberlake here, he's not hot any more
With the likes of Jesse Eisenberd, Rooney Mara and Bryan Barter.

Tag Line: Your mind is the scene of crime
Budget: $160,000,000
I actually liked this, its basically based on the idea of dreams, and how somebody can enter them and alter their mind, and all this is due to business deals in this film. Its a busy film, so you'll need to concentrate to make sure you get all the bits, worth a watch, but not exactly a chill-ax film. 
With the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page.

Peter Pan
Budget: $100,000,000
I had to, ok. I love this film, and I can easily say its my favourite, but I know its not to everyone's taste, and its also out for a younger audience, still I love it and I think you should watch it if you haven't already. The story line is great, about a boy who would never grow up.
Wendy: Peter... I should like to give you a kiss. 
[Peter holds his hand out] 
Wendy: Don't you know what a kiss is? 
Peter: I shall know when you give me one

With the likes of Jason Isaacs, Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-Wood

The Kings Speech
Budget: $15,000,000
This is a great way to learn a bit of history along with enjoying the film, very inspirational as its based on the story of an amazing Dr and his unconventional way to get King George the VI to overcome his stammer.
With the likes of Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter

Mama Mia
Budget: $52,000,000
Love love love, about a girl who's mother got a bit cheeky with 3 men, around the same time, so now she's a little lost to whom exactly - out of the three - her father is, I don't blame her, but all this is told to great ABBA songs. This is a brilliant film, the kind that's great to watch with your family I say. 
Also I would recommend seeing the musical of this! its actually amazing, I mean it, treat yourself or your mum, - a great birthday present, you wont regret it, trust me. 
Film with the likes of Amanda Seyfried, Stellen Skarsgard, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and

Never let me go 
Budget: $15,000,000
Sad, I'd say, yet brilliant. I think its more the plot for me in this film, its about children who are sent to a boarding school, yet they are only destined to become donors. This watches 3 in particular, but you know what they say 2's a company, but 3's a crowd.
With the likes of Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley.

The Tourist
Tag Line: It all started when he met a woman.
Budget: $100,000,000
Angelina Jolie and Johny Depp together here, I don't think I need to say much more, except that this is a very clever film, if you watch it until the end, you'll understand what I mean by that.

2.5. *I couldn't decide OK
A single man
Budget: $7,000,000
The love I have for this film, its brilliant. Usually I'm not the one to assume that the film is great just because great actors are there, but this one obeys the rule. Its directed by Tom Ford - what a beauty, and has - yet again - Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Nicholas Hoult. Set in the 60's in LA, dealing with loss and love. A must to watch.

2.5. *the other half of to wish I couldn't decide - just saying. 
Easy A
Budget: $8,000,000
In great comparison with me A single man, this is an easy going film, which makes it a perfect chick flick. The way its written and directed somehow reminds me of Mean Girls, even though the plot is nothing alike.
With the likes of Emma Stone, Penn Badgley and Amanda Bynes

An Education 
Budget: $4,500,000
Brilliant. This has great plot, actors and style, what more could you want? Set in London in the 60's about a teenage girl who's life foundations are rocked by a man twice her age. A lot of controversy round this film, have a look and decide for yourself.
With the likes of Peter Sarsgaard, Carey Mulligan, Olivia Williams and Dominic Cooper.

That's all xoxo

Sunday, 10 April 2011


So I shall be leaving this for a week or so for a school trip to Madrid, but I've scheduled some posts - film reviews if you get bored and a new interesting perfume.
I still need to pack, so this post is short and brief.
Everyone has been hoping that its sunny and by the looks of it, it might just be that! & a nice warm temperature.
Some of the essentials to pack I'd say are; sun cream, bikinis, shorts and skirts, sunny G's and magazines!
That's all xoxo

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

How to Make a Masquerade Ball Mask

Hi hi, so my very first How to.. oh dear god, do brace yourselves.

Things you will need: *essentials

  • Glue - PVA or Polyvinyl Acetate, which ever floats your boat
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Vaseline (LOTS - unless you fancy setting a new strictly no eyebrow trend ofc )
  • Sand Paper
  • Water
  • Decorations - Glitter, beads, feathers, flowers, anything and everything
  • Plaster Gauze
  • Newspaper
Ok, so clear your working space (it gets crazy messy!) Might be worth working on a newspaper
Apply lots of Vaseline all over your face or where the mask will go, make sure to put extra on eye-brows and hairline. (No image for this as I'm trying to keep this blog pretty)

Cut up your strips of Plaster, various lengths and widths, one by one dip them in water and set them across your face, forming and X across first - making a base, then add the rest. 
Get it to about 3 layers.
Wait a few minutes, then scrunch up your face, lift your eyebrows etc, - this is where you get to do whatever the **** you like with your face and pull as many faces as you like, all in good cause & within reason - then you'll feel it come off. 
Put it down, and leave it to set ( a few hours & a little hair dryer will do)

So now you can get rid of the odd looking edges, cut them out to the shape you like.
Its probably got a rough texture so I used a little sand paper to smooth it.
So now you have pretty much the desired shape and feel, if its still a little rough (mine was) I coated it in newspaper and glue & yet again tested my patience by letting it dry for a while, since mine isnt too great I yet again used the good old hair-drier - does miracles that thing! 

Also it can get a little messy, so do take care.
OK so now you're ready to get a little creative, this might be great for some but a nightmare for others so, if in trouble blame it on the shitty materials! 

OK so now - as long as your mask is dry, you are ready to paint!
I used acrylic colours and went for Black - it was the safe option for me, do experiment though or match it to your outfit, its easy with paints as you can practically pick out the identical shade!
Be careful not to apply too much paint though, Acrylic sometimes slips on PVA glue, shows below 
If you are in trouble and its too late now though, just use a VERY THIN layer of acrylic to cover the cracks. 
Yea I get into a little trouble here.

Then yet again test your patience and let it dry! I wouldn't recommend too much hair-dryer as it may make the slips of acrylic worse!

So now the little technical bit where I just used my initiative, I used some of the ropes that you saw in the first picture, stuck a little blu tack on the end for a little security, and then onto the mask! 
Give it time to dry before trying it on, and adjusting it, or else it wont be secure!

Now your free to cover your mask in whatever you like! Feel free to express your personality here and be the next Pablo Picasso - in masks - if you like! I covered mine in glitter, I couldnt resist and I must admit I ate about a Kg of glitter by the end of it! 
Any feedback on this, - its probably a little long - would be very much appreciated.
Or Facebook!

That's all xoxo