Tuesday, 5 July 2011

So I'm a little late...

But hello,
I'm a little lost for words, maybe I shouldn't be writing this at all but hey ho, its SUMMER.
Which means break out the bikinis, sunny G's and etc.
I've decided to let loose a little, I don't know why this summer, or why now, but all of the sudden all the very cliche sayings 'you only live once' or 'would rather have a life full of 'oh we'lls' rather than 'what ifs'' and etc. suddenly made sense.
Anyway I'll stop blabbing about myself, but I think everyone should, seriously you only live... no I'm not gonna go there, but you should at least watch the film Fight Club, but don't go hitting everyone.

And back to my initial 'post' the idea rant came from flicking through Elle, or any other fashion magazine if you like, kinda like Rolo's which also tied in with this The apprentice episode.
So I was flicking through, reading bits and bobs as you do, (ofc. if your a male this would be a little hard to relate to unless you're into your woman's fashion magazines) and realised there really isn't that much to read..
1/4 pages in the magazine contain more text than a paragraph
1/2 is advertising
which only leaves us with the other quarter for proper text, or articles. Now you might say I'm missing the whole point of a fashion magazine, but like seriously I'm paying £3.80 per issue, (which now shrunk twice in size since last year, as well as risen in price!) I really do wanna get my moneys worth, and not a load of advertising campaigns which are already all over bill boards!
Rant over.

'When your half way through an argument, and your realise that you're wrong' this was one of those, except I was half way through a post, and realised my point wasn't as important as I imagined it to be.

Also, now I don't know how to sign off, since a certain somebody mocked the way I signed off before :(
but oh well, I'm 'letting loose'

That's all for now xo 

P.S. I'm not very sure of what to write here in the future, I'm thinking the next post would be disposable/film camera dedicated one, then maybe making something a bit cheeky/tasty.

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